Card Game Review - Rock!

I've been thinking about this all day, and discussed it with my wife, and I'm scrapping the review that was here. Edgy is funny, but the danger with edgy humor is that it's not hard to cross a line. I think yesterday's review was freaking hilarious, but it was also more inappropriate than even I should run. I prefer humor like Dave Barry; yesterday was a little too Dice Clay. And not sex jokes Dice Clay, but the jokes he tells that make you wish he would fall into something with sharp points.

So here's a quick summary of Rock! - it's too simple. Each card has either rock, scissors or paper, and you play your cards at the same time, and the person who calls out the winning card wins that pair of cards. After about two minutes, you're both out of cards, and you count up. The winner is the one with more cards.

This is not a fun game. If you have are smarter than a fifth grader, you'll be bored to tears before you finish the game - and that's saying something, because it takes two minutes to play.

So that's it. Short review, no links, just an apology for going too far with the original review, and a quick summation of a poor game that has no business being made.