Playtesting Open - Feral Instinct

I know you're all out there, quivering with excitement, wishing eagerly for any news about the game spawned by my enormous ego... er, genius. So here's a little news - it's ready for playtesting. And that's where you come in.

I've uploaded a PDF with rules, cards and character sheets. You can download this little gem right here:

Once you've downloaded the PDF, you'll want to print it out. Or maybe you won't, but it will be hard to play otherwise. For one thing, it'll be a bitch to shuffle.

Then you'll need to cut out the cards. Don't worry, there are only like 70 or something. So it shouldn't take more than a few hours. If you get a blister, just remember how much I appreciate your willingness to help.

I'm using card sleeves for my playtest deck, and I highly recommend them for yours. But you'll want to use the ones you can't see through, so penny sleeves are going to be pretty much worthless. I found a really cool set of sleeves with beastmen on the back. Perfect, right?

You'll also need a bunch of regular dice (you know, with six sides) and some markers. Not like Crayola markers, I mean like glass beads or pennies or teeth or something (if you're using teeth, please don't tell me). You'll probably want them in several colors, so if you're using pennies, you may need some dimes and nickels, too (that could be especially tricky if you're not in the US. Just know how much I appreciate your dedication in getting your local currency changed out for American coinage).

Now, the rules tell you to make 25 card decks, but I'm not sure if 20 might not be better. So if you would, try it out a few times each way. Go back and forth. See what works for you.

Also, try mixing up the decks. Like give Stoat a Mighty Blow, or Bull some Blinding Powder, or whatever. See what cards are the game breakers. Try out a few things, and see what works and what doesn't.

Finally, if the game isn't fun, stop playing immediately. Don't even bother with answering all the questions in the survey. Just answer the first one, only instead of your name, put, 'your game blows' and I'll get the message. I'm not asking anyone to play a game that sucks. I just want to see if you like it, and what you like about it, and what would make it better.

Then after you've played it a few times, take the survey by clicking the link at the end of this post. Everyone who bothers to fill out the name and email parts of the survey will be credited (assuming the game ever gets to the point where we need credits). And remember that I don't need flattery or fake enthusiasm. I need honest reactions, tough critiques and brutal opinions. Because without them, I can't make a good game. Also, they'll give me someone to hate.

Thanks for reading this repeating cannon of crap review site, and thanks for helping me make a game. And in closing, it is really hard to make a game.