Taxi Driver of the Apocalypse - The Whole Damned Story

It's about time I got back to writing game reviews, before I have to change the heading at the top of the page to read, 'random articles about whatever is crossing my mind right now,' and then I'll just be another inane blogger telling nobody in particular about my pets and recent bathroom visits. While Taxi Driver of the Apocalypse was handy, and gave me something to post until I could recover from pneumonia enough to play some games, it also would have taken another three weeks to finish the story.

I've got a game played and half the review written. It'll be up here Friday. But I didn't just want to leave everyone wondering what happens to Winston Creed (except for those people who don't care, and really just want to know if Castle Panic is any good), so I turned the whole thing into a PDF and uploaded it. You can read it right here:

Enjoy! Or don't. Not everyone likes stories about hookers and gunfights.